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Shanghai Valor Wear-resistant Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1205, 128 Songle Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Post Code: 201600
Tel :86 -21-37717214
mob: 86-13916691119
Fax :86-21-37717314
E-mail: valorchina@sina.com
Valor series wear-resistant ceramic coating is a cementitious material. Because the raw materials are formed through special handling methods and strict control, through a series of chemical reactions, the product can reach extremely high strength and hardness under some temperatures, and realize the combined strength standard of ceramics, so it called wear-resistant ceramic coating or a wear-resistant ceramic mortar. Characterized by simple construction, easy maintenance and low cost, it is widely used. According to use demands in the industry, wear-resistant ceramic coating products are divided into room temperature and high temperature series.
Chemical Technology Benefits – wear-resistant ceramic coatings are mainly composed of aggregate and ultra-fine combination powder. Depending on different grading, particles can be made most closely packed, with large volume density. At the room temperature, the strength is up to 150MPa or above, and for special products, it is up to 280MPa or above, much better than ordinary wear-resistant casting material. The raw materials are mainly ionic compounds and some synthetic covalent compounds. According to the solid theory, the ionic bond and covalent bond are strong bonds, while the bonding system, due to the use of composite strengthening measures and special treatment, forms chemical bonding, so strength and stiffness are very great, effectively resisting the high-speed impact and shear stress of materials.
Benefits of physical strength --- due to using dual measures of non-directional steel fiber and directional net reinforcement, the wear-resistant ceramic coating further improves the toughness by coupling, increases the use reliability of the system, and can effectively prevent the damage and peeling caused by impact. In addition, thanks to the multiple reinforcement measures, material properties are enhanced effectively. The wear-resistant ceramic coating has a low coefficient of expansion and stable volume. Coupled with seamless construction methods, it demonstrates structural integrity and excellent overall performance
Benefits of environmental protection – By using special temperature synthetic material, the wear-resistant ceramic coating boasts good crystal growth, stable performance and structural integrity, does not react with media, and is one of the ideal inert materials, effectively resisting the medium reactions in use environments and various chemical corrosions. The wear-resistant ceramic product, as inorganic non-metallic material, has similar components to the Earth's lithosphere, does not cause soil degradation and pollution of heavy metals, and is an environmentally friendly product.